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Does the Samsung galaxy Tab 2 P3110 support SIM card for voice calling?

I want to know if I can make voice calls with the Samsung Galaxy Tab2 P3110 and if it supports SIM.

No. the Samsung galaxy tab 2

No. the Samsung galaxy tab 2 P3110 does not have a SIM card slot for voice calling. The earlier and very successful model Galaxy Tab2 P3100 has a SIM card slot. Apart from not having a SIM card slot and not supporting 3G, the P3110 has specs that are the same as P3100.

See the detailed specs for P3110 here:

P3100 specs here:

samsusng tablet

how can using inter net on samsung galaxy tablet2 p3110..... i mean which device
eg: datacard,sim etc......

internet connectivity is

internet connectivity is through wifi only.

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