Do TF Cards and microSD cards mean the same?

Do TF Cards and microSD cards mean the same?

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They were called TF cards earlier and were later renamed as micro SD cards. They measure 11mmx15mmx1mm and provide a maximum storage of 32GB. TF stands for 'TransFlash' and microSD for 'micro Secure Digital'.

madhurima is right. TF is the abbreviation for TransFlash and is used interchangeable with the word microSD. But they are available in high capacities than 32GB. 64GB is quite often used and SanDisk has launched a few months ago its 128GB microSD card.

So, I can buy micro sd card for tf card? the details in the below tablet is TF Card (Up to 32 GB). Please confirm.

@vinayak, you can buy a microsd card and use it in that pantel tablet. If it says tf card, it will support microsd card but may not support microsdhc card and minisd card. So, make sure you are buying a microsd only.