Can I transform my Tablet to a wireless mouse or keyboard for my laptop?

Is it possible to connect a Tablet to a laptop and use it as an input device like a wireless mouse or a keyboard? I want to use the touchscreen of the Tablet so that I can sit at a distance and operate my laptop through the Tablet. Is there an app or settings available for this on Android?

I have not tried this app called RemoteDroid. It allows you to convert your Tablet into a remote mouse and keyboard input for your laptop or desktop. One rider though is that you need both the laptop and tablet to be connected to the same WiFi router. The app creates a network between both the devices.

You can check it here:

They have provided a video demo on that page and the app is free.

And there is an another app called 'Unified remote'. This app has both paid and free versions. It has got good reviews too. It is an Android-PC remote app. It can work over WiFi or Bluetooth.

Here's the url: