Wifi hotspot tethering: password and security

When I am at where there is no wifi facility, I switch on mobile data on my phone and enable wifi hotspot. I browse the internet on my laptop using this WiFi. I am able to connect to this wifi on my laptop but it does not ask me any password. So, I risk my wifi connection being used by other people too. How can I set a password on Wifi hotspot so that only I can access it or those with whom I have shared the password?

My phone has an android jelly bean operating system.

It is important that you put a password when you switch on the wifi hotspot on your mobile phone. This is not just to stop people from stealing your bandwidth but also to ensure that no body else uses your wifi for the wrong purposes and you end up being on the wrong side of the law. For the benefit of those who do not know what wifi hotspot or wifi tethering means and how to enable it on their mobiles, I am writing all the steps below:

If you have a data connection on your mobile phone (2G, 3G, EDGE or any other technology), you can browse the internet on your mobile. Enabling Wifi hotspot/tethering on your mobile phone converts your mobile phone in to a wifi hotspot. This allows other devices like laptop/tablet/mobile phone within a certain range to connect to the internet using wifi. While this is a convenient way to browse in places where there is no internet connection or public wifi available, it also requires you to be careful so that unauthorized devices do not connect to your wifi. To do so, you can set a security password in your wifi hotspot settings and only those devices which enter the password can connect to your wifi.

The steps for enabling a wifi hotspot and putting in a security password is the same for all Android jelly bean devices including mobile phones and tablets.

step 1) Open 'settings' app on your Android device
step 2) In 'wireless & networks' section, click 'more...' which will then show you an option 'Tethering and portable hotspot'.
step 3) Switch on 'wifi hotspot' by pressing the on/off button. That enables wifi hotspot. The next step is to put in a security password for your wifi hotspot.
step 4) Touch the text 'wifi hotspot' to open the settings section for wifi hotspot.
step 5) Now touch 'setup wifi hotspot'. This opens a form where you can change the wifi hotspot settings.
    a) Network ssid: you can leave it as it is or give it a new name. While you are connecting to wifi on another device this name will appear in the available connections.
    b) Security: In the drop down, select 'wpa2 psk' (recommended) or 'wpa psk'.
    c) Password: the password field opens only after you have select a security option mentioned above. Enter a password. This is the password that you should use while connecting your laptop or any other device to the wifi.
    d) Maximum connections: From the drop down, select the number of users who can connect to wifi. This is basically the number of devices that can simultaneously connect.
    e) Do not forget to click 'save'

Important: Do not forget to switch off 'wifi hotspot' when you do not need it. Keeping it switched on can drain the battery.

You have now enabled wifi hotspot on your mobile phone with a password. When you are connecting your laptop to the wifi, it will ask you to enter a password. Enter the password that you have created in step 5.c above.

Let me know if you have any issues or if I have gone wrong with some steps.

Thank you for the detailed instructions. It was very helpful.

Just as you can use the iPhone as a Wi-Fi hotspot, many Android smartphones and tablets, starting with version 2.2 (Froyo) can be used as mobile hotspots or portable Wi-Fi hotspots, letting you share your data connection on your Android device wirelessly with up to 5 other devices, including other cell phones, tablets, and computers. The Wi-Fi data sharing feature is built into the Android devices.

This is more convenient than traditional tethering where you would share a data connection with a single computer using a USB cable or bluetooth, possibly with the help of software like PdaNet. Using the portable Wi-Fi hotspot feature, you don't need to have the app installed on your laptop or other devices and you get simultaneous Wi-Fi internet access for several devices. The downside, however, is that your carrier may charge a fee for the Wi-Fi hotspot feature (but most are charging extra for tethering too, so they're really the same thing).



More options are shown in Android phone. Bluetooth tethering and usb tethering. USB tethering is better than bluetooth and wifi hotspot?

WiFi hotspot is the best way to share your mobile data with other devices. USB tethering appears like a better way because data is shared by a physical cable, but my experience shows wifi hotspot is better.

Here is step by step tutorial including a video and images to explain wifi hotspot.


its actually very easy to use hotspot on windows 7 and 8 and 10 there is no need of external softwares like connectify me. You can manually do it by command prompt commands.
someone create a neat post with images and commands ,checkout once

I tried to connect my wifi to my laptop but I can't it appeared as limited access so can some once suggest me to solved this please.

Ass i was connect the internet through mobile USB option but it's get the ssid code number so, u have reply the ssid number

Wi-Fi hotspot is one of the best ways to share your mobile data with any other devices. USB tethering appears like a better way because data is shared by a physical cable, but it has been observed that Wi-Fi is safe. One should use Wi-Fi but it needs to very careful when you are using public Wi-Fi. There are lots of risks associated with such networks so it’s better to be safe and secure. You can know more about this topic at: