Where Are WhatsApp Media Files Saved And How To Delete Them To Save Storage Space?

  • Posted on: 6 January 2017
  • By: sasi

Media files like Video, Audio and Images downloaded from WhatsApp messages consume a lot of space. You can delete these files to free up storage space.

Use a file manager to browse you phone's storage. If your phone does not have a filemanager, you can install ES File Explorer File Manager from here

  • Open the file manager and find the folder named 'WhatsApp'. Open this folder
  • You will find 'Media' folder inside this folder. Open it.
  • The Media folder contains subfolders 'WhatsApp Audio', 'WhatsApp Video' etc.
  • Option 1: Open these folders and delete each individual file.
  • Option 2: Delete the entire folder 'Media' or the subfolders like 'WhatsApp Audio', WhatsApp video etc. Do not worry about WhatsApp not working when you delete these folders. When new media is about to be downloaded, WhatsApp will recreate these folders.