How To Use Android's 'SIM Card Lock' To Protect Data Stored In Your SIM Card?

  • Posted on: 7 April 2017
  • By: sasi

Screenlocks protect data stored in your phone from unscrupulous people. But what if they insert the SIM card into another phone? SIM cards contain text messages, phone contacts and call history. In addition to a screenlock, use a SIM card lock to protect your SIM data.

How does SIM card lock protect my SIM data?

With SIM card lock switched ON, you will be asked to enter a PIN number when you:

  • Restart the phone
  • Insert the SIM into another phone

Your SIM card cannot be accessed on any other phone without the PIN number. If you set a screenlock additionally, it cannot be accessed on your phone too.

To Enable SIM Card Lock:

Pre-requisite (Important): You will need to know your mobile operator's 'Default PIN for SIM Card Lock'. For example, Vodafone India's default PIN is 0000. Contact your mobile operator or check their website for the default PIN.

  • Go to Settings>>Security
  • Tap 'Set up SIM card lock'
  • Switch ON 'Lock SIM card'
  • Enter your mobile operator's 'Default PIN for SIM Card Lock'. Do not enter a wrong PIN number. After 3 wrong attempts, your SIM will be locked with a PIN Unlock Key (PUK) which only your mobile operator can help you get.
  • Tap 'Change SIM PIN'
  • Enter the old SIM PIN (default SIM PIN). Press OK.
  • Enter a New SIM PIN. Press OK.
  • Retype the New SIM PIN. Press OK. Congrats! Your SIM card is now secure with a SIM Lock.

To Test:
Restart you phone. If everything went well, you will be asked to enter your SIM card PIN number when it restarts.

Though not 100% foolproof, every precaution makes it a little more difficult for unscrupulous people to steal your data. If your phone is lost or stolen:

1. Try to remotely erase data using the Android Device Manager.
2. File a Police complaint.

So what other precautions do you take to protect you data? Leave your comments.