How to use Android Lollipop's 'priority' mode to avoid unwanted interruptions at work?

  • Posted on: 30 June 2015
  • By: sasi

The 'priority mode' in Android lollipop is an enhanced version of the 'silent mode' in the previous versions of Android. In the silent mode, you could receive your calls, messages, notifications etc. but without any notification sound. In the lollipop's priority mode, you can get your silent mode back by muting all notifications like incoming calls, messages, events, reminders, app notifications. You will still receive your calls, messages etc., but without any notification sound. This is helpful when you are in a meeting and do not want to be interrupted by incoming calls and other notifications. The priority mode also allows you to pick and choose the interruptions that will have notification sounds. For priority mode in Android Marshmallow. read this.

Android lollipop priority interruptions settings

  • Increase or decrease your phone's ring volume by using the volume rocker. This displays the volume level along with the priority mode option.
  • priority mode using volume rocker

  • Tap 'priority' and then click the settings icon (gear icon).This takes you to the interruptions configuration screen (you can also reach this screen via settings>>Sound & notification>>Interruptions)
  • priority mode

  • On this screen, you can select the interruptions to considered 'priority interruptions'. By default 'Calls' and 'Messages' are not considered priority interruptions. So, when you get calls and messages, there will be no ringtone playing or a message received sound.
  • If you wish calls and messages to be considered priority interruptions, switch on interruptions as shown in the below image.

calls as priority interruptions

Additional settings:

1) Calls/messages from: You may not want to be interrupted for calls and messages. But you may want to make an exception for a few important contacts whose calls you cannot afford to miss. To do so, Tap the option 'calls or messages from' and choose 'starred contacts only'. Now you will be interrupted only when starred contacts call you.

How to star a contact? Click on a contact in your address book and click the star icon.

2) Downtime: You can select certain days of the week or time when your phone automatically switches to priority interruptions mode.

3) Priority interruptions mode settings for individual app notifications:
During priority mode, you might still want notifications from certain apps. To allow notifications coming from individual apps to interrupt:

  • Go to settings>>Sound & notification>>App notifications.
  • Click on the app that you want to allow notifications to come through during priority mode
  • Switch on the option 'Priority'