How to take print screen or screenshot with Android tablet or phone?

  • Posted on: 13 March 2015
  • By: sasi

Unlike the PC keyboard, there is no ‘Print screen’ button to take a screenshot on Android phones and devices. But you can use an Android inbuilt feature to take a screenshot. You can also use apps for advanced settings in print screen.

Basic print screen or screen shot method steps:

  • Press the ‘volume down’ button and ‘power’ button simultaneously. In some phones like Samsung where the above combination does not work, try ‘Power button’ and ‘Home’ button simultaneously.
  • Android takes a print screen and you can hear a click sound that you generally hear when you click on photo with the camera.
  • Go the ‘Gallery’ app and open the ‘Screenshot’ folder. You will find your screenshot stored in this folder.
    Note for Android lollipop: The screenshot is stored in photos app (Google photos)


  • Initially, you might find it a little difficult to press both the buttons at the same time.
  • Do not worry if the ‘screenshot’ folder does not already exist. It gets automatically created when you take a screenshot in the above method.

App method:
There are many apps on play store that help you take a screenshot. The main advantages of using an app over the basic method are:

  • You can configure the folder where the screenshot will be saved.
  • You can edit your screenshots right away, add text and effects to them.
  • Share them right from your app.
  • Some apps might even provide you a touch icon to take screenshot (instead of using the combination keys mentioned in the basic method). But this touch icon will work only on rooted phones.Please do not root your phone if you are not technical enough and rooted phones also lose their warranty.

One of the most popular apps is ‘Easy Screenshot’.

Easy Screenshot


  • Install this app on your device.
  • Open the app and click ‘Start capture’
  • Navigate to the screen on your device which needs to be captured.
  • Capture screenshot using the combination keys as mentioned in the basic method above.
  • The image editor in the ‘Easy screenshot’ app automatically opens with the image
  • Edit and share. Or just save it for further use.
  • Now click ‘Stop capture’.


I have just, successfully, used the method in the blog by Sasi -- in my Samsung Galaxy 3 running Android 4. I heard the click, received the message 'Saved to Clipboard' and found the image O.K. in Gallery. Many thanks.

Thank you for reading my post. I am glad it helped.