How to send files using Bluetooth in Android phones or tablets?

  • Posted on: 21 January 2016
  • By: sasi

You can transfer any type of files like video, music, documents, images between Android devices using Bluetooth.

Step 1: Rename device (Optional)

Each device has its own bluetooth name for identification. The default name is the device's model number. You can change it to a more recognizable name like your own name.

  • Go to settings>>Bluetooth
  • Switch on Bluetooth by tapping the toggle switch.
  • Open menu (3 dots on the top right)
  • Tap 'Rename this device'
  • Enter a new name for your device and tap 'Rename'

Step 2: Transfer files?

  • Receiving phone: In the phone that is to receive files, go to settings>>bluetooth.
  • Switch on bluetooth. After switching on DO NOT CLOSE THIS SCREEN. Keeping this screen open until the files are completely transferred.
  • Sending phone: In the phone that will send the files, switch on bluetooth. After switching on, you can close the bluetooth settings screen in the sending phone but not the receiving phone.
  • Now navigate to the file that is to be sent. If your phone does not have a filemanager, install a filemanager app like ES File Explorer File Manager to navigate to the file.
  • Select the file by long touching it.
  • Then open the menu (3 dots on the top right) and tap 'share'.
  • From the share options, tap 'Bluetooth'
  • Bluetooth then searches and lists all the nearby devices. Note: If you have not kept the bluetooth settings screen open as mentioned is the first point, your device will not be shown in this list.
  • From the list of nearby devices, select the device name that you want to send the files to. On selecting the device name, file transfer process begins.
  • Receiving phone: Now go back to your receiving device and check the notification area for 'Bluetooth share: Incoming file' notification. Tap this notification and then tap 'Accept'.
  • Your file will now get downloaded to your device. Check the notification area for download progress. The file gets downloaded to the 'Bluetooth' folder in your device.

You should switch off bluetooth when not required to save battery charge.