How to select more than one-tag in Evernote to search for notes?

  • Posted on: 20 September 2016
  • By: sasi

In Evernote, there is no intuitive way to select more than one tag to get a list of notes. Evernote's 'Advanced Search Syntax' can help you get around this problem and search with more than one tag.

  • Go to Evernote search (Not the tag search, but note search)
  • Search with the following syntax
  • tag:tagname1 tag:tagname2
    Example: tag:work tag:next

  • This gives you a list of all notes that have both the tags.

You can also search for a word/phrase with a slight change to the syntax:
word/phrase tag:tagname1 tag:tagname2
Example: tomato tag:shopping tag:vegetables