How to save a webpage as PDF in Android tablet or phone using Chrome browser?

  • Posted on: 13 October 2015
  • By: sasi

Sometimes you may want to save a webpage and access it offline. Chrome browser's 'Save as PDF' feature helps you save the webpage as a PDF file that you can access offline.

  • Lauch the Chrome browser
  • Open the webpage that you want to save as PDF.
  • Open the chrome menu (android chrome menu)

  • android chrome menu options

  • Tap 'Print'

  • save as pdf

  • Ensure 'Save as PDF' is selected in the dropdown.
  • Tap the PDF download icon
  • Tap 'Save'. (If you get 'Failed to save document' error, remove any special characters from the file name and tap 'Save'). Your PDF is generally saved in the 'Download' folder.