How to restore lost and deleted contacts in Android phone?

  • Posted on: 19 December 2015
  • By: sasi

Contacts deleted from Android address book can be easily restored from 'Google contacts'. Using Google Contacts you can restore you address book to a version in the past.


  • 'Google contacts' sync must be enabled in your Android phone. (scroll down to learn how to enable)
  • Phone should regularly connect to wifi or mobile data for sync to happen.

To enable 'Google contacts' sync in your Android phone:

  • Go to Settings>>Accounts>>Google
  • ="Android

  • Switch on contacts sync

After this, any updates that you make in your address book get auto-synced with 'Google Contacts' server at regular intervals.

Additional benefit of syncing: It also helps migrate address book to a new phone. In your new phone, add your Google account. The address book downloads to your new phone from Google's servers.

To restore lost and deleted contacts in Android:

  • Open in a web browser
  • Login with the same google account that you have used to sync contacts in your Android phone
  • Restore contacts

  • In the left side bar, click More>>Restore contacts
  • Restore contacts to past 30 days

  • Select a day or time in the last 30 days that you wish to restore the contacts to. Click Restore.
  • You contacts will be restored to the version of the contacts that you have selected.

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