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How To Hide Specific Photos And Media Files From Showing In Google Photos App?

  • Posted on: 21 April 2017
  • By: sasi

Too many downloaded photos and other media files can make it difficult to find useful photos from the Photos app. You can use the .nomedia file to prevent an entire folder's media contents from showing up in the Photos app. It also prevents the accidental deletion of important photos.

  • Open the folder containing the media files that must not show up in the Photos app. Or create a new folder and move all unimportant files to this folder. The 'Download' folder generally contains a lot of photos that are not required.
  • Within this folder, create a new file named .nomedia
  • Restart the phone. Photos within this folder are no more accessible to the Photos app.

1. If these photos are backed up to Google drive, you will still see them when you switch on internet.
2. .nomedia file is a hidden file. To delete it, you should enable 'show of hidden files' from your file manager. Each filemanager has its own way to enable showing of hidden files. Once you delete the file, photos in the folder will be once again accessible to the Photos app.