How to enable magnification gestures in Android to 'pinch to zoom' anywhere?

  • Posted on: 23 January 2016
  • By: sasi

Some Android apps do not provide 'pinch to zoom' feature. Enabling 'Magnification gestures' lets you pinch to zoom even in apps that do not otherwise provide this feature.

How to enable magnification gestures:

  • Go to Settings>>Accessibility>>Magnification gestures
  • Switch on 'Magnification gestures'

Testing magnification gestures on any app (even the wall paper on your home screen can be magnified):

  • Triple tap to magnify any screen
  • Zoom in and out: Pinch two or more fingers together (zoom out) or spread them apart(zoom in).
  • Pan: Touch the screen with two fingers and drag the screen around.
  • Triple tap to return back to the previous state.
  • Note: Triple tap does not work on keyboard and navigation bar (the three buttons at the bottom of the screen). It works everywhere else.
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