How To Download An Area From Google Maps For Offline Access In Android?

  • Posted on: 24 March 2016
  • By: sasi

In areas where data connectivity is low or does not exist, you can get driving directions from a downloaded map of that area.

Download an area for offline access in Google maps

  • Open Google maps
  • Enter an area name (city name, town name etc). Wait for the area map to load.
  • Tap on the bottom bar that shows the area name
  • Now tap 'Download'. Swipe down from the notifications section to see download progress.
  • After downloading, open the menu (3 horizontal bars)
  • Tap 'Offline areas'. You can see all your downloaded areas here.
  • Tap on an area to either update or delete it.
  • Get driving directions even when offline using downloaded area
    Within the area that you have downloaded, you can get driving directions even when data connectivity is low or does not exist.

    (You can test this by switching off data)

    • Open Google maps
    • Search for a destination that falls within the area that you have downloaded.
    • Tap the car icon to get route map to your destination. You will get the route map even if you are offline.

    1) You will get driving directions and route map only when both the starting point and destination are both within the area limits that you have downloaded.
    2) Traffic data in your route will not be available when data is off. Only route map will be available when offline.