How To Customize Android Marshmallow's Silent Mode 'Priority Only'?

  • Posted on: 5 April 2017
  • By: sasi

You can let only important calls and notifications to disturb you using Android's 'Priority Only' mode. Priority mode keeps your phone silent when the calls and notifications are not important. This post shows you to use Priority mode in Android Marshmallow. For Priority mode in Android Lollipop, read this.

Step I: Customize 'Priority only'

Go to Settings>>Sound & notification>>Do not disturb>>Priority only allows
Android Priority Only Allows
Description of the settings:

  • Alarm: Alarms cannot be switched OFF in Priority mode.
  • Reminders and Events: Switch them ON/OFF.
  • Messages Calls Priority Only

  • Messages and Calls: Choose who can call or message you.
  • Repeat Callers: Select if you want to be notified when the same person calls you a second time in 15 minutes.

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Step II: Switch ON 'priority only'

  • Open Quick Settings (swipe down from the top of an unlocked screen)
  • DND Quick settings

  • Tap 'Do not Disturb'
  • DND Select Priority Only

  • Select 'Priority Only'
  • Select the duration for which 'Priority only' will be ON.