How to connect a Bluetooth headphone to Android tablet or phone?

  • Posted on: 23 June 2015
  • By: sasi

Connecting a wireless Bluetooth headphone to Android tablets and phones is easy and useful. This post shows you how to connect a bluetooth headphone to an Android device. Bluetooth keyboard, mouse or speakers can also be connected in the same way.

Step 1: Put the bluetooth headphone in pairing mode

Generally, long pressing the power button or the button used to answer calls puts the headphone in pairing mode. The method may vary depending on the model. Check user manual for exact instructions.

headphone bluetooth pairing mode
In pairing mode, you will see a red/green or red/blue or red/white light blinking (may vary depending on the model).

Step 2: Connect your bluetooth headphone to Android tablet or phone

In your Android tablet or phone:

  1. Go to settings>>wireless and networks>>Bluetooth
  2. Switch on 'Bluetooth'
  3. Android bluetooth available devices

  4. Android searches and displays a list of available devices. It displays only nearby devices that are in pairing mode.
  5. Identify your headphone in the list and 'tap' it. Android pairs the headphone and autoconnects.

android bluetooth connected devices
That's all! Your Android tablet/phone is now connected to your wireless bluetooth headphone. You can now wirelessly listen to audio or talk (if your headphone has a mic).

Frequently Asked Questions on Android bluetooth connection

Q) What about other bluetooth accessories? How to connect them to Android?
A) The process is the same. First, put the bluetooth accessory in pairing mode (or switch on the bluetooth). Then enable bluetooth on your Android tablet/phone and pair the bluetooth device.

Q) Do I need to pair and connect everytime?
A) You need to pair it only once. Your Android tablet/phone remembers the bluetooth devices that you have paired.

Q) I have paired my bluetooth device with my Android tablet/phone. But, why does it does not connect sometimes?
1) Bluetooth devices have a certain range upto which they can connect. Depending on your phone/tablet and your bluetooth device, the distance may vary from 16 feet to 100 feet. Try bringing your bluetooth device and Android device closer.
2) Devices previously paired will show in the list of paired devices even they are not put in pairing mode. But they will not connect until they are switched on and put in pairing mode. Check if your bluetooth device is switched on and put in pairing mode.

Q) I have paired a bluetooth device with my Android tablet. I want to unpair them.
A) In the list of paired devices, click the settings icon (gear icon) opposite the device that you want to unpair. Now click 'Forget' in the settings.