How To Configure Android's Read Aloud Feature Using 'Google Text-To-Speech'?

  • Posted on: 11 April 2017
  • By: sasi

Google Text-To-Speech is a screenreader application that reads aloud text. Many apps are integrated with this built-in Android feature.

Some Apps That Provide Read Aloud Feature:

Google Play Books (Many books are 'Read Aloud' enabled)
Google Translate
Google TalkBack
Google Play Newsstand (some articles are read aloud enabled)

Configuring Google's Text-to-speech

Step I: Enable Google Text-To-Speech

Go to Settings>>Language & input>>Text-to-speech output
Google Text-to-speech Output
If you have multiple Text-to-speech engines, select 'Google Text-to-speech'. If you do not have it, install Google Text-to-speech

Step II: Test output
Tap 'Listen to an Example'. This plays a short demonstration of the speech synthesis based on current settings. After changing the settings, tap this option to see the difference.

Step III: Adjust Speech Rate
Tap Speech Rate and Select an option. After selecting the option, you can test the output (refer to Step II: Test output).

Step IV: Select Intonation

  • Tap the 'settings' icon (gear icon) next to Google Text-to-speech
  • Now tap 'Settings for Google Text-to-speech Engine'
  • Google Text-to-speech Intonation

  • Tap Intonation
  • Select an Intonation.