How to block a contact and automatically redirect to voice mail?

  • Posted on: 8 March 2016
  • By: sasi

In Android phones, you can block an annoying caller's number and automatically redirect the call to voicemail.

Pre-requisite: An acitive voicemail service. Contact your mobile operator for activation details.

To block and redirect to voice mail:
1. Open the contacts apps in your Android
2. Open the contact that you want to block and redirect
3. Tap the 'pencil' icon to edit
4. Now open the menu (3 dots on top)
android all calls to voicemail
5. Check the option 'All calls to voicemail'
6. Tap the 'tick mark' icon to save the changes.

When this contact calls, his call will be redirected to voicemail without your phone ringing. You will not even find a missed call entry in your logs. Your mobile operator will send you a message notification that you have received a voicemail. Instructions to access the voicemail are generally present in the notification message.