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How to Automatically Backup an Android to the Cloud?

  • Posted on: 18 April 2017
  • By: sasi

In just a few steps you can schedule automatic backup of your Android data and files to the cloud. The phone needs to be connected to the internet regularly for the backups to automatically upload to the cloud.

Step I: Back up device data and app data using inbuilt Backup & Reset
Step II: Sync Google Account to back up Google services like Contacts, Chrome, Calendar
Step III: Backup photos, videos and screenshots using the 'Photos' app
Step IV: SMS Back up using 'SMS Back up and Restore' app
Step V: Back up files using 'SanDisk Memory Zone' app

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Step 1) Backup device data (wifi passwords, call history etc) and app data (settings and files stored by apps)

  • In your Android, go to Settings>>Backup & reset
  • Back up & Reset Android

  • Tap 'Backup my data'
  • Enable Backup
  • Now go back to the 'Backup & reset' screen and switch on 'Automatic restore'

Step II) Sync google account

  • Go to Settings>>Account>>Google
  • If you have more than one google accounts configured on your Android, select the google account that you want to use for syncing. If you have only one google account configured on your Android, skip to the next step.
  • Select the Google Account that you want to use for syncing. Skip this step if you have only one account configured.
  • Google Account Sync

  • Switch ON sync for all the google services that you want to be synced.

Step III) Backup photos, videos and screenshots

  • Open 'Photos' app
  • Open the hamburger menu hamburger menu
  • Go to Settings>>Back up & Sync
  • Switch ON Back up & sync. Photos/videos taken from your camera will be synced with Google Drive.
  • Tap 'Back up device folders' (Note: You will see this option only if Back up & sync is switched ON)
  • Back up device folders

  • Enable backup for the folders that are important to you. This will backup images and podcasts that are downloaded from the web, Bluetooth, WhatsApp etc. Also screenshots will be backed up

Step IV) SMS backup

  • There is no inbuilt method in Android to back up SMS. Install the app SMS Backup and Restore
  • SMS Backup and Restore

  • This app backs up and uploads your SMS messages to Google Drive or Dropbox as per your choice. You can schedule backups and restore when needed.

Step V) Backup files

  • Though photos and videos can be auto backed up in Android, other files like pdf require an app to back up. Install SanDisk Memory Zone
  • Sandisk Memory Zone

  • You can upload your photos to Google Drive or Dropbox as per your choice. For some unknown reason, I have not been able to back up to Google Drive using this app. But Dropbox works fine.

It's your turn now. Share with us any back up tricks that you may know.