Feedly Cloud RSS reader: How to guide

  • Posted on: 4 July 2013
  • By: sasi

What is Feedly
Google Reader retirement

How to login to Feedly
How to add an RSS Feed/website in Feedly
How to view posts, mark as read, save for reading later
How to organize/categorize feeds in Feedly
What are the Feedly keyboard shortcuts
Feedly mobile apps
Features that I miss

What is Feedly
Feedly is an RSS (or ATOM) feed reader like Google Reader. You can add to your Feedly account any blog or website that offers an RSS feed and read their articles on Feedly.


  • Access via web or mobile
  • Mobile apps for Android and iOS
  • Since it is a cloud service, it syncs across all devices.
  • Organize feeds by categories
  • View posts in four views: title, magazine, cards, full posts
  • Mark posts as 'Saved for later'
  • Keyboard shortcuts

'Google Reader' retirement
Feedly is the most popular alternative to Google Reader. Feedly has earlier used the Google Reader API to pull articles from RSS feeds and display them on its own web interface. Feedly grew in popularity due to its minimalist design, mobile apps and bookmarklet.

Since Google Reader is now retired, Google Reader API will no longer be available. So, Feedly has built its own cloud service that pulls articles from the RSS feeds. It has also released its own APIs so that app developers can build apps to enhance the Feedly service. For the current Google Reader users, it has a 'one-click import' feature.

How to Login to Feedly

  1. Go to feedly.com. Currently the page redirects to cloud.feedly.com
  2. Click on the Login button and a popup opens prompting you to enter your Google id and password.
  3. Note:As of writing this post, Feedly requires a Google id to login. There is no way to create a Feedly account without a Google account.

  4. Enter the google id and password.
  5. Feedly login
  6. You will then be prompted to allow Feedly access to your Google account. Click 'Accept' to login.

How to add an RSS feed /website in Feedly

Case 1: You already have a list of your favorite websites that you wish to add to feedly

feed add rss      feedly submit rss
  1. Click on the 'Add Content' button on the left side navigation. (On some screens if the left bar is not open by default, hover your mouse cursor to open the left bar.)
  2. Enter the url of the website's RSS feed that you want to subscribe. E.g. http://gizmowise.com/blog.xml. If you do not know the RSS feed url, enter the website path like http://gizmowise.com/blog.
  3. Give Feedly a few seconds to fetch the website details. Click on the '+' sign in the results to add the website.
  4. Change the tile if you need to, else leave the title unchanged. Click the 'Add' button.

Case 2: You do not have a list of your favorite websites but want Feedly to help you discover some great websites to subscribe

  1. Click on the 'Add Content' button on the left side navigation. (On some screens if the left bar is not open by default, hover your mouse cursor to open the left bar.)
  2. Below the 'Add content' box, you can see a list of hubs categorized as 'tech', 'news', 'diy'. Click on a hub based on your topic of interest to see a recommended list of websites.
  3. Click on any website to see its latest articles.
  4. If you like the posts, click the '+' sign to add.
  5. Click the 'Add' button in the next screen

How to view posts, mark as read, save for reading later

Feedly view posts, mark as read, save for reading later
  • Login to Feedly and the first page displays a list of all articles that have been published 'today'.
  • Hover your mouse pointer on any of the articles to see the 'mark as read' and 'save' links.
  • To read articles that you have saved, click on the 'Saved for later' menu in the left navigation bar.
  • View types: You can view articles in 'title only', 'magazine', 'cards' and 'full article' views.

How to organize feeds in Feedly

feedly organize, categorize
  1. To organize the feeds in to categories, click on the 'organize' link in the left bar.
  2. Drag a website to the 'new category' box and give the category a name when prompted to give a name.
  3. Click on a category on the left bar to read articles from that category.

What are the Feedly keyboard shortcuts

Any where on the Feedly interface press '?' symbol to get a list of keyboard shortcuts.

feedly keyboard shortcuts

Mobile apps

feedly android app    feedly android app explore

Feedly provides mobiles apps for Android and iOS. The data and configurations of Feedly are synced across your PC, mobile and tablets.

Feedly features that I miss

Search within 'My Feedly': Searching by keywords in all feeds is an important feature that I miss. Sometimes, it can be a difficult task to scroll through 100s of articles to find the article that I was looking for. Those who have migrated from Google Reader to Feedly will definetely miss this feature. Feedly support page shows Feedly search as 'planned feature'. I understand that 'search' can be a resource hog and for a self-funded company like Feedly, it can be a huge investment. I hope the Feedly team figures out a way to provide an efficient search some day.

Feedly mini (bookmarklet and social media sharing extension for Firefox and Chrome)

The earlier versions of Feedly had an Firefox and Chrome extension called Feedly mini. While you are browsing the web and find a page interesting, this extension could be used to add that page to Feedly account under 'Saved for later'. Additionally, it also had social media share buttons like Facebook, Twitter etc. When the new Feedly cloud was launched, this extension vanished. Feedly team has said it support pages that Feedly mini will be back in Feedly version 17. The current version is 16.


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