Android privacy and Security 1: Guest Mode with Multiple Users (Lollipop and above only)

  • Posted on: 31 January 2016
  • By: sasi

Switch to guest user mode before sharing your Android device with others. Guest users cannot see your apps, games and data. But new apps and games can be installed for guest users. This feature is available in Android lollipop and above versions only.

Switch to Android guest user:

  • Pull down the quick toggles section from the notification area.
  • Tap the user icon on the top right. You will see two user accounts dispalyed. The main user (which you are logged in now) and a 'Guest' user.
  • Tap 'Guest' user to switch to guest mode.

In guest mode, only apps that have been preloaded by the manufacturer will be available. Apps that have been downloaded by the main user will not be available. However, you can install new apps for the guest user.

Add new user

  • Go to settings>>users
  • Tap 'Add user'
  • Tap 'Set up now'. You will be switched to new user.
  • Follow the onscreen instructions to complete the setup.

Rename user

  • Switch to new user
  • Go to settings>>users
  • Tap 'New user'
  • You will be shown an input box to enter the new user name. Type a name and tap Enter.

User permissions

  • Login as main user
  • Go to settings>>users
  • Tap the gear icon against any user
  • You can toggle ON/OFF phone and sms permissions for the user.

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