Top 10 Android Tricks, Tips and Hacks

Every new version of Android introduces new features. But do you need the latest version of Android for every task? Not necessary. Whatever Android version you may have, you can get the most out of your device by reading our Android Tips page. Begin by reading the Top 10 Android tricks, tips and hacks on this page.

How to take print screen or screenshot with Android tablet or phone?

Android Screenshot

Unlike the PC keyboard, there is no ‘Print screen’ button to take a screenshot on Android phones and devices. But you can use an Android inbuilt feature to take a screenshot. You can also use apps for advanced settings in print screen.    Read more

How to connect a Bluetooth headphone to Android tablet or phone?

Connecting a wireless Bluetooth headphone to Android tablets and phones is easy and useful. This post shows you how to connect a bluetooth headphone to an Android device. Bluetooth keyboard, mouse or speakers can also be connected in the same way.    Read more

Google Chrome bookmarks: Sync bookmarks between PC and Android

We bookmark web pages on multiple devices like PC, tablet and mobile phone. Using the Chrome browser’s bookmarks feature, you can sync bookmarks saved in one device and access them on other devices too.     Read more

How to use MicroSD card as Internal Storage in Android Marshmallow?

In the previous versions of Android, not all apps could be moved to the SD card. Some apps required internal storage to function. Marhsmallow gets around this problem by letting you format SD card as internal storage.    Read more

Android phone as WiFi hotspot to share mobile data with other devices

You can broadcast your Android phone’s 2g/3g/4g data as WiFi signal to your laptop, tablet or other phones. You can set a password to prevent unauthorized connections to your wifi network.     Read more

How to use Battery Optimization (Doze mode) in Android Marshmallow?

Doze mode is a new battery saving feature launched in Android Marshmallow. This posts explains the Doze mode and shows you how to exclude some apps from entering the doze mode.     Read more

How to 'smart unlock' your Android lollipop with a trusted bluetooth device?

Android provides password/pin/pattern options apart from 'swipe' to unlock the screen. But sometimes, you wish you could swipe to unlock and quickly answer an incoming call. Android lollipop's 'Smart Unlock' allows you to do just that. When connected to a 'trusted bluetooth device', you can unlock with a swipe. It overrides any other unlocking mechanisms that you have set.    Read more

How to uninstall, disable and force stop an Android app?

Too many apps on your Android device can cause shortage of storage, battery and processing power. Like any software, Android apps also freeze or hang, requiring a 'force stop'. It is better to uninstall or disable unused apps. This post shows you how to uninstall, disable and force stop Android apps. It also explains the difference between uninstalling and disabling.    Read more

How to restart your Android tablet or phone in 'safe mode'?

Android 'safe mode' is a troubleshooting option that starts your device with limited features. If an app is causing your Android to freeze or continuously restart, you may need to restart in safe mode. In safe mode, user installed apps will not run but can be uninstalled.    Read more

How to free up internal storage space by moving Android Apps to SD card (external storage)?

Why move Android apps to SD card? You may have encountered 'insufficient storage available' message when installing or updating apps. This is because your Android device has run out of internal storage. You can move your apps to SD card (external storage) to free up space in the internal storage.    Read more

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