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Kiran Gupta

No but Galaxy S4 is loaded with brilliant features including 5" capacitive touch screen with...view

Does the Samsung Galaxy S4 have dual SIM card slot?

To transfer SMS from an Android to another, you can get use SMS Backup + to do that. It backs up...view

Transfer sms messages to a new phone.

Thanks for sharing, an android data recovery app could help you recover lost android phone data...view

How to restore lost htc contacts?
Kiran Gupta

Touch "Settings" and then find "Application" Tab.
Find the app you want to...view

Samsung Galaxy Tab 3 –move apps to SD card.
Kiran Gupta

Samsung Galaxy tab 4 is one such item that has won the hearts of millions of tech-savvy people,...view

Samsung Galaxy Tab 4 micro sim type or nano sim?

Here is step by step tutorial including a video and images to explain wifi hotspot.


Wifi hotspot tethering: password and security

Here is a step by step tutorial with to take printscreen or screenshot in Android.


Screenshot or print screen on Android tablets.

You can connect a keyboard to any Android tablet. All that you need are a USB keyboard and USB...view

Tablet PC with keyboard that can be used as a laptop.

How to auto-send SMS when you reject incoming calls in Android?

Sometimes, when we cannot answer an incoming call, we rudely reject it or ignore it. With Android's 'quick response' you can courteously reject the call and auto-send a pre-configured SMS text to the caller. The caller will know that you have acknowledged the call and may call back later.

auto-send sms with quick response

Outstanding Features of iOS 9 You Must Know

On July 10, Apple launched the beta version of iOS 9 and since then it has unveiled four variations of Apple iOS 9 beta program. You can download this public beta version and install it on your iPhone, iPad, you can also report to Apple if you find out any bug or errors in the new version of iOS. Here is an inforgraphic to explain the outstanding features of iOS9.

How to move Android Apps to SD card (external storage)?

Why move Android apps to SD card? You may have encountered 'insufficient storage available' message when installing or updating apps. This is because your Android device has run out of internal storage. You can move your apps to SD card (external storage) to free up space in the internal storage.