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Samsung Galaxy tab 4 has super features and functionality and it is a single micro sim type. For...view

Samsung Galaxy Tab 4 micro sim type or nano sim?

Samsung Galaxy S4 price verious on differnet online shopping portals. Its price up to 12K on...view

What is the price of Samsung Galaxy S4 in India?

Hi, go for Vivo smartphone. Chose any of the model that fulfills your requirements. Moreover,...view

Mobile phone with FM Radio and a good camera. Budget: Rs.15000.

Vivo is new in market but are really focusing on innovation. I recently purchased a...view

Which is a good selfie smart phone?

I myself being a student will suggest Vivo Smartphone. Its affordable, supports Hi-Fi music,...view

Which is the best smartphone for students?

Go for Vivo smartphones. they are specialized for Hi-Fi Music. Even i am a music...view

Music-Selfie phone?
surya kumar

Lenvo vibe, k5 note, samsung 7 edge, LeTv eco 1s, motorola turbo all these are best phones of...view

Which are the best mobile phones with 4g in India?
surya kumar

It's nano sim. It's not a big problem you doesn't have nano sim any type ypu have it can turn...view

Samsung galaxy S5 SIM type: nano SIM or micro SIM